Savon Dish - Blue Leopardo

Made from Porcelain

Size is 13 cm x 17 cm

Creatively Active Minds is a free spirited, soulful, poetic and often whimsical curator of fine goods and ideas.

Like merchants and traders have done for centuries we travel the world in search of old craftsmanship and materials to create unrivaled passionately inspired products to love,give and hold on to for the next generation.

Fine porcelain, regal brass and the very best loomed textiles form the base of our general store merchandise ethos. We reference history and by doing so share the worlds many archives with a new modern audience.

What began as a single thought by the company’s creative mind and founder Craig Andrew McLean in 2005 has captured the imagination of many. “CAM” as we are often affectionally named continues to curate a very unique lifestyle story as our footprint grows. Welcome to our beautiful world. Let your mind wander.