Tea Nomad Blends
Tea Nomad Blends
Tea Nomad Blends
Tea Nomad Blends
Tea Nomad Blends

Tea Nomad Blends

120g copper canister. A Tea Nomad blend from thier exquisite organic selection.  

*tea infuser sold separately 

Bali - Spicy and Zesty Ginger Tea . Organic . Herbal Blend 

Grounded in the warmth of dried ginger, with zesty lemon peel and the gentle sweetness of lemongrass. Award- winning Bali is a warm, restorative blend that is designed to warm the senses, soothe the mind and energise your spirit. Enjoy hot, with a touch of honey if desired. Handblended in Australia, for wanderlusters everywhere.

Ingredients: organic dried ginger, organic lemongrass and organic lemon peel.

Provence Lavender & Bergamot Infused Blend . Fragrant & Floral . French Earl Grey Inspired Black Tea . 

Provence is a luxurious experience for the senses. A rich blend of Sri Lankan and Chinese black teas mingle with dried lavender flowers, pink rose and sunflower petals; their perfume further heightened with a hint of bergamot. A take on the French Earl Grey, this blend has been handcrafted to transport you to the intoxicating lavender and sunflower fields of Provence, and can be enjoyed cold brewed, or hot ( with a drop of milk if desired.) Handblended in Australia, for wanderlusters everywhere.

Ingredients: black tea blend (keemun/kenilworth), lavender flowers, organic pink rose petals, organic sunflower petals, natural bergamot essence.

Kyoto - Yuzu & Jasmine Green Tea . Gentle Citrus & Floral notes . Suitable for multiple brews

Kyoto blend is an ode to the subtle elegance of Japan's old capital city. A soothing Sencha base, brightened by the citrus notes of orange and distinctive yuzu, rounded out by a scattering of rose petals and sweet jasmine flowers. Sip multiple steepings through your afternoon and ease into an evening of contemplation. Enjoy warm, no milk required. Handblended in Australia, for wanderlusters everywhere. 

Ingredients: sencha, jasmine flowers, dried orange peel, organic dried apple, organic pink rose petals, natural yuzu essence.

Sydney - Mango, Peach & Passionfruit Infused Blend .  Bold & Fruity Black Tea. Perfect Hot or Cold Brewed

Inspired by endless summer vibes and relaxed days by the beach, this blend celebrates what makes Sydney our home. With a bold base of Chinese and Indian black teas, this confident and fruity blend features a medley of sweet mango and peach pieces with natural passionfruit essence. We love Sydney as a cold brew, but it can also be enjoyed hot, to kickstart a day under bright skies looking out upon deep blue waters. ​Hand blended in Australia, for wanderlusters everywhere.

Ingredients: black tea blend (assam/keemun), organic dried mango pieces, dried peach pieces, natural passionfruit essence.


Maldives - Tropical Green Oolong Blend .  Fruity Floral Notes . Suitable for Multiple Brews

Inspired by the blissfully idyllic vibes of the Maldives, this award winning blend is a gently sweet floral tea marrying green oolong tea leaves with dried pineapple, shredded coconut and a sprinkling of dried apple. Suitable for multiple cold brew steepings, sip on this iced tea all day and lose yourself in some sweet island daydreams. ​Handblended in Australia, for wanderlusters everywhere.

Ingredients: tie guan yin, dried pineapple pieces, organic dried apple, desiccated coconut