Luxurious Face Serum - 30mL



Our LUXURIOUS FACE SERUM is often called LIQUID GOLD by people who have fallen in love with it, and include it in their daily hydration routine.

It leaves your skin feeling silky soft and deeply hydrated. Age defying oils of camellia and evening primrose protect your skin from drying while replenishing vital nutrients. They can also help improve skin elasticity.

Rosemary antioxidant is more effective than vitamin E on your skin.

Rose hip is bursting with vitamins and fatty acids leaving your skin with a youthful glow.

Our gorgeous serum is infused with pure rose otto essential oil.

100% natural, plant based and alcohol free.


About Essentials Lab ~ After 28 years of cooking in Australia and Europe, former chef Anne Hulls turned her interest in botanicals and essential oils into more than a just a hobby.

The natural room sprays she started making for friends and family eight years ago has since grown into The Essentials Lab - a range of 22 pure botanical products for every home and every body, including body oils, washes, room fragrances, body spritzes, serums and oil perfumes.

With a large and loyal client base and stockists  Australia-wide, Anne's range is continuously evolving- the latest products being her men's range including an after sport personal spray and grooming/ beard oil. Keep an eye on this space!

With the aim of developing natural, luxurious products for everyone, everything at the Essentials Lab is done by Anne, by hand; from sourcing raw materials, blending, and making , packaging and marketing. Totally a one woman show.

Like all good food experiences, The Essentials Lab products allow beautiful ingredients to speak for themselves. Enhanced by Anne's interest (okay, obsession) with rare oils and attars and resins,  there's no messing around, no fake ingredient lists, no claims and absolutely no synthetic fragrances. For her, its all about creating beautiful smelling products for every day use with the best ingredients possible. Just nature at its best.