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The Art of Sleeping Beautifully

The art of sleeping beautifully is Miss Molly's essential idea – to create luxurious and natural bedding that takes you close to nature and makes for a sensational and blissful experience, night after night.customer care linen Miss Molly

The Qualities of Flax Linen

Linen is woven from the fibres of the flax plant, and is a completely natural and renewable resource – perhaps the most ecologically sound fabric of all. As well as being a luxury textile, it is totally biodegradable and recyclable. Find out more about why French linen is the premium choice for bedding.

Our Miss Molly Linen

The linen you receive is made from high-quality French flax linen, however, it is lighter in weight than the linen from days gone by. This both suits our climate and also helps in making this luxury experience affordable. 

Expectations of longevity need to be adjusted to accommodate the price, keeping in mind that heavy weighted linen made from the same quality fibre will set you back upwards to $2500 AUS per sheet set.

Our linen has been washed and this softens the linen to give a luxurious feeling from the very first sleep onwards. The washing of the fibre is also an important step in the ethical production of the linen as it makes it much safer for the makers of your lovely linen. 


For all WHOLESALE ENQUIRIES please email us for more info.


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