Hand Woven Cushion Cover

Hand Woven Cushion Cover

Tinted with natural dyes, this wool cushion cover is decorated with geometric  patterns in the style of traditional Zapotec handicrafts. Artisans weave their design by hand on a traditional loom. The reverse side is made from beige cotton with an overlapping opening for inserting a cushion.


100% sheep wool 

Cotton backing 

All natural dyes

Hand wash for wool care

lay flat to dry

Made and certified in Mexico

Best price for the Artisan as we buy directly through Artisan market.  This is at least as good as fair trade prices, often a better price. 


48 cm x 48 cm There are slight variations because each cushion cover is hand woven on a loom. All sizing is approximate to within 15mm. They still fit very well square inserts.