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Sally Ant Linen Spray

125ml packaged in a blue PET bottle with spray

Instantly transform the atmosphere & mood of your space with these beautiful natural aromatic spray mists. Blended pure essential oils with natural floral waters to create a delicious range of aromas for your home & office.

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DIRECTIONS: shake well before use, spray into the air around your home or office, to change the ambience of your space.
CAUTION: avoid spraying in eyes, essential oils may mark some surfaces & fabrics.

INGREDIENTS: lavender infused water, alcohol , organic lavender essential oil ; organic castile soap. Lavender is renowned for relaxing & calming the mind and body, aiding restful sleep.

INGREDIENTS: ylang ylang infused water, pure essential oils: ylang ylang 1st grade, sweet orange, white grapefruit, patchouli. Ylang Ylang is renowned for its calming effects on the mind & body & as an aphrodisiac.

INGREDIENTS: lavender infused water, pure essential oils: lavender, mandarin, lemon, bergamot, calabrian, cedarwood, Chamomile Rm. Lavender is renowned for relaxing & calming the mind, aiding restful sleep, relieving stress & anxiety.

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