Linen Care

Linen is a highly regarded textile, valued for its natural and luxurious qualities. It is extremely strong and smooth as well as having unique health and eco-friendly qualities. 

Flax is a natural fibre and is easy to care for, it likes warm washes and eco washing detergents.   It is easy to soften the linen sheets, initially, the first four to five washes in warm water will relax the fibres. You can wash in cold water thereafter.

Miss Molly’s eco - luxury linen has been stone washed in a process that further softens the fibres. It has been pre- shrunk, and accommodates a further small percentage of shrinking in initial washes.

Instructions for softening and relaxing your eco-friendly flax French linen

  1. First washes should be in hot water (30 - 40° C) this relaxes the natural fibres.
  2. Flax Linen withstands frequent washing, initially becoming softer with frequent laundering. It favours warm wash and organic and gentle eco detergents.
  3. As the sheets age, remembering, enduring quality and long lasting strength are qualities of flax linen, they sometimes may become stiff and need to have an organic acidifier added. This releases and combats the stiffening effect of getting detergents lodged in fibres. These can be bought commercially or just add vinegar to the regular wash.
  4. Alternatively you may find that washing your linens on a luke warm wash with no detargents every now and again will loosen the fibres and wash away any residual detergent that stiffen can get trapped in fibres and stiffen the linen.