About Miss Molly

" Our linens are both luxurious and natural, taking you close to nature and making a sensational and blissful experience, night after night" 

Sleeping and Living close to Nature

Essentially Miss Molly is about creating eco-friendly and sustainable bedding, fashion and homewares for everyday living.  Inspired by classical design, both Japanese and Scandi influences and a love of nature, our linens are perfect for the Australian climate, designed to complement a relaxed lifestyle.

The Qualities of Flax Linen

Bringing the finest quality flax linen bedding, garments and yardage to linen lovers all over Australia, while caring for the environment is the reason why Miss Molly came to be.

Linen is woven from the fibres of the flax plant, and is a completely natural and renewable resource – perhaps the most ecologically sound fabric of all. As well as being a luxury textile, it is totally biodegradable and recyclable. Find out more about why French linen is the premium choice for bedding.

Miss Molly Linen

The linen you receive is made from high-quality French flax linen, however, it is lighter in weight than the linen from days gone by. This both suits our climate and also helps in making this luxury experience affordable.

Heavy weighted linens made for very cold climates and in days gone by lasted a very long time. In present day the expectations of longevity must be adjusted to accommodate the weight for linen to suit all climates. And of course this affects the pricing.  The heavy weighted linen made from the same quality fibre will cost upwards of $2500 AUS per sheet set.  Linen is by nature a luxury item and today’s heavy demand on this beautiful natural fiber makes this linen an affordable luxury but, none the less, still a luxury item. 

Our linen has been washed and this softens the linen to give a luxurious feeling from the very first sleep onwards and as a garment the washing gives the linen a contemporary relaxed feel and look.... It is not necessary to iron! The relaxed look and feel of the linen is perfect for today. The washing of the fibre is also an important step in the ethical production of the linen as it makes it much safer for the makers of your lovely linen.

Miss Molly at The Living Hearth, Thirroul South Coast NSW

Miss Molly Bricks and Mortar  

We are so happy to have opened in November 2015 our bricks and mortar store, The Living Hearth, in the seaside village of Thirroul, just one hour south of Sydney. To offer this service and be part of the streetscape and community was a dream for Linda and realising that has been a great milestone for Miss Molly!

customer care linen Miss Molly

This is where our wonderful team, Linda, Deb, Jackie, Josie, Jen and Amanda each do their own special magic. Helping us deal with feedback and enquiries, wraps and packs your orders, and takes wonderful care of all customers whether they be online or visitors to our shopfront. 



Feedback, Love, Connect

Bettina Kaiser Miss Moly linen designs

Last but not least it is time to introduce the real Miss Molly, our furry muse and lovely pooch, who guards our admin space and who makes sure letters get always delivered by foot to the letterbox down the road.

Read on in the testimonials section or contact Linda, and the Miss Molly team via email directly if you have any questions or feedback (sales@missmolly.com.au).